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I’m Brandi! I’m a wife and mom doing grown up things in sunny South Florida. Watford is my maiden name, but I started this little biz way before I took Eric’s last name. 

I love to travel. If I ever move away from Florida, you’ll find me in New York City or Paris. My days are fueled by an endless supply of coffee and podcasts. I could eat sushi 7 days a week if the closest sushi joint wasn’t 45 minutes away. I love fashion but hate shopping. I’m an introvert who avoids social functions unless I have my camera in hand to make me feel human. 

I stumbled into photography as a teenager (we won’t talk about what year that was!) and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love this job like a kid loves Christmas.

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Making connections with people is by far the biggest perk of my job. Receiving a heartfelt email after delivering a bride's album about how looking at her images in print blew her away in a whole new way. Getting ecstatic texts with pictures of engagement rings and stories of how he proposed. Answering late night phone calls from an emotional mom who just opened her gallery and can't believe that beautiful woman in the photo with her babies is HER. That's what makes my heart sing, and I'm looking forward to providing this same experience for YOU.

The BWP experience is about more than just pretty photos.

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