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Cross editing off your to-Do List

As a photographer, you know how important editing is for your business to stand out and succeed. But sitting down at your desk more hours than you're photographing is tedious and demanding. 

For all the times you've procrastinated editing those weddings, Brandi Watford private photo editing comes to the rescue. 

1. Consistency
One-on-one relationship with a private editor who thoroughly applies your editing style to every single photo.

2. Dependability
Average turnaround time per wedding catalog is 5-7 business days. Portraits are 2 business days.

3. Reclaim Your Time
Live your life, create memories and spend time with your family.

I'm Brandi, a professional photographer and private photo editor. I give my clients more freedom and time so they can focus on their businesses and spend time living their lives instead of being chained to a computer. I feel so grateful helping photographers spend less time editing and more time doing what they love.

Hello there...

I'll match your style... or help you Develop one

I don't have one specific style I use to edit. My job is to match your style and way of editing. I have clients who give me free reign to edit their catalogs however I want and others who have a very specific way they want their images to look. They want to know that their signature is on every image. 

My job is to do exactly that... put your mark on every image you send to me - whether you like film presets, the light and airy look, or true-to-life color images. 

Hover over the images below for before and after samples.

Outsourcing your editing will give you...

quality time
less FOMO
on-time deadlines
consistent, quality edits
memories with family
more support in your business


How it

We'll schedule a phone call to discuss editing style, your shooting schedule and details of your photography business. It's essential that we connect beforehand so I can stay true to your style and brand. 

Schedule your free trial. Just book an appointment to send over a catalog with up to 50 images with anchor images included. This will give you a feel for my transfer process while I begin to learn your editing style.

After your trial, you'll schedule any current or future catalogs thru my online calendar. You'll love the flexibility of scheduling multiple edits in advance! The date you select is the date I will begin editing your catalog. Make sure you allow yourself time to cull and send over the catalog to be edited at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

With Lightroom's Smart Preview Catalogs, I'm able to edit your galleries remotely. Just edit a few anchor images (10-20%) for me to reference how you expect the rest of the gallery to look, and I'll take care of the rest. Export and compress the lrcat and smart previews into a zip file (more on that later!). You'll send the file to me thru a secure system. Culling services are also available! 

Gone are the days of delivering wedding galleries months later. In just 5-7 business days, your wedding catalog will be fully edited and sent back to you. Portrait galleries are delivered in 2 days. Faster turnaround times guarantee happier clients with more referrals!






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