June 11, 2018

Spencer family | In-Home Lifestyle

Jena asked me the day before their session, “What happens if it rains tomorrow?” I told her that we could either reschedule or shoot inside. Her exact response was, “I hate that option!” She explained that she doesn’t care much for their home’s decor anymore and there isn’t much on the walls.

My answer is always the same in these situations: “It’s not about your walls. It’s about your memories. It’s about the place you brought your babies home to. It’s about connection and love and everything that makes your family special.” And she answered, “Well when you put it that way!”

So we started the session in their backyard. But even when it was sprinkling and we could’ve easily kept shooting outside if we wanted to, Jena was excited to show me the kids’ bedrooms; the wall where they’ve measured Zaden and Emmy since they could stand; the beautiful quilt that a relative made for her that covered their couch… I could see that she was genuinely excited about these images that would really mean something.

Why lifestyle? Well, friend, why not?

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