July 29, 2020

Your momma brought you up in a woman’s world You could be anything A tiger versus you, girl, ain’t even a fight Next to you the sun can’t even call itself a light Miss United States Agriculture and one hell of a beautiful soul. Best of luck in Oklahoma, Shelby!

July 22, 2020

This child is pure sunshine and happiness – until it’s time for pictures. 😂 I was able to trick her into a couple tiny smiles with her best friend, Julie, though. And then I let our pup, Mila, outside and EllaGrace had an instant new best friend.  Will you just look at that side-eye she’s […]

July 21, 2020

I sure do love me some Sheltra babies! Brooks was super cooperative and eager to show off what a great big bro he is – all the way up until we put his brother inside the truck he was playing with. But even then, he was so polite in his requests and never once tried […]

July 2, 2020

June 27, 2020

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