November 2, 2018

Romantic indoor wedding at Benvenuto | Hailey + Jon | Boynton Beach wedding photographer

Venue: Benvenuto Restaurant
Florals: Ashley Harris
Cake: Sugar Chef
DJ: Guy Gualtieri
Hair & Makeup: Amanda Snyder
Officiant: Ceremonies with Cynthia
Event planner: Jennifer Thomas; Jewel Event Productions

Hailey and Jon’s officiant, Cynthia, told their love story to an emotion-filled room on their wedding day. It was a ceremony like none that I’ve ever witnessed. What a wonderful idea to share with those who may not know (and those who want to hear it again), just how they came together as a couple.

Then, in her soft, soothing voice that was made for story-telling, she told everyone how Jon proposed…

“All throughout their relationship, Hailey and Jon have taken the time to gaze at the stars, talk about the constellations, and marvel at their wonder and beauty. Together, they’ve seen a few blood moons, lunar eclipses, and even a few meteor showers, too. So, when Jon realized the Great American Eclipse was happening on August 21, 2017, and they started making plans to see it with friends in Georgia, it hit him: What a perfect time to propose.

When the day of the eclipse finally arrived, they found a nice little trail in the mountains, went on a hike with their friends during the day and then found themselves the perfect open area to catch the eclipse. Little did Hailey know that she was about to be blinded by more bling than the sun’s corona.

It was so perfect: they had a clear view of the sun, as it was blocked completely by the moon, and this incredible feat of nature left them in awe. As the eclipse passed and the sun began to reemerge, Hailey looked down to grab her goggles to find Jon with that gorgeous ring in hand. He asked her to marry him, and the first thing she said was ‘Are you joking?! Is that real?’ When it finally sunk in a bit, she said yes! And she was thrilled to learn that her grandmother’s diamonds were in her engagement ring and that Jon put so much effort in designing it.”

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